Annual Fund

The Annual Fund, one of the most popular ways to support the Orchestra, pays for organizational costs everything from conductor  and  artist honorariums to rental of music, utilities.

The Adelphi Orchestra is like most orchestras in its reliance on an Annual Fund and has had one for 61 years. The Annual Fund is our most important source of revenue because are concerts are free of charge.

Thanks to the support and loyalty of hundreds of current and past subscribers, community members, foundations and businesses that not only donate money but also their time and energy, contributed funds covers 95% of the Orchestra’s yearly operating budget. Most donors give a gift without restricting its use so it can start working immediately where the need is greatest.


Click For Annual Fund Brochure

What is the best time to give to the Annual Fund? Since the Orchestra operates on a fiscal rather than a calendar year, each Annual Fund begins June 1 and ends the following year on June 30. An appeal is usually sent in the mail to coincide with this schedule.  However, your gift is welcome at any time and you may give online now. How important is my gift? Participation in the Annual Fund is vital to our success. We especially appreciate the contribution of our current donors and subscribers since this enables us to show potential corporate/foundation supporters that we have strong and committed donors who believe in our mission and goals. Every gift, regardless of size, counts toward participation.

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